Financial Reporting

View and Manage Your Accounts and Cash Position with Financial Reporting Data Online

what are your business goals?

  • To view accounts, loan information, create customizable reports and download transaction detail online anytime?
  • To have the ability to create customized cash position worksheets online?
  • To consistently access online delivery of returned item detail and images and be able to quickly act on the returns?
  • To save time by automating account reconciliation — daily and monthly?

Whatever your business goal, Zions Bank has an Information Reporting solution to match your needs, including the options shown below.

Treasury Internet Banking

Treasury Internet Banking[cite::570::cite] (TIB) is a powerful 24/7 web-based application providing access to company financial data, banking information, payment solutions and specialized reports.

The ability to access your financial data quickly and easily is vital. TIB provides a simple and efficient way to manage your account information, giving you the best in payment origination and reporting capabilities.

TIB Benefits and Features include:

  • Adaptable. Configurable options enable the system to meet the needs of any size business or corporation, allowing you to add services and features as your business grows and needs change.
  • Convenient. The simplicity of the design makes your daily banking easier. The customizable dashboard enables you to view your key information at a glance.
  • Versatile. The wide range of versatile reporting options provide greater visibility into your daily cash position to assist in making payment and investment decisions.

TIB gives you access to a variety of online services, including:

  • Self-Administration. Administration options allow you to manage user privileges at your convenience. Add or remove users, assign entitlements, change account permissions, and control system access based on individual needs and responsibilities, reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Customizable Dashboard. Configure your home page to display relevant information at a glance. Without changing screens, you can view account balances, initiate account transfers, monitor transactions pending approval, or even view standard foreign exchange rates.
  • Account Reporting. View current and previous day account details on your Deposit, Time Deposit, Loan, and Business Credit Card accounts. Access images of prior day checks, deposits, and deposited items. With timely information, you can analyze and adjust account levels, concentrate surplus cash, and capitalize on investment opportunities.
  • Statements. Get fast and convenient access to your Deposit and Loan statements. View the front and back of your statement, as well as imaged checks, with available history of 18 months. Archive statements in PDF format on your local directory.
  • Payment/Collection Solutions.  Easy-to-use payment features enable you to efficiently originate account transfers as well as domestic and international ACH and Wire transactions. Whether you need to transfer funds between accounts, send a payroll file, or initiate a one-time payment, the process is easy.
  • Stop Payments. Inquire on a check or place a stop payment request on a single item or a range of checks and receive a real-time confirmation.
  • Import/Export Capabilities. Robust import and export options help reduce the risk of entry errors, streamline payment origination, and facilitate integration with your accounting or other software applications.

24/7 Access

Free yourself from your desk and manage your most common business needs on the go with TIB Mobile. Learn more below and see which online business management features are included with TIB Mobile.

Learn More

Find more information on Treasury Internet Banking, view the product sheet. To speak to an Advisor to enroll in a new service, call 866-299-3334 or complete the form. For help with an existing service, contact our Customer Support at 800-726-7503.

For details on other online treasury management services, such as scanning and depositing checks online or balance reporting, visit the Treasury Management home page.

TIB Mobile

An ideal complement to Treasury Internet Banking, TIB Mobile[cite::560::cite] gives you access to manage common treasury needs with your mobile device.

  • Easy-to-use — view current and previous day balances and DDA, SAV and CDA transaction details right from your mobile device
  • Added convenience — initiate account transfers, approve ACH[cite::570::cite] and wire payments and maintain payment templates wherever you have mobile access
  • Fee-free — view balances, make transfers and approve payments with no mobile convenience surcharge[cite::580::cite]
  • Flexible — choose which accounts you want to view on your mobile device

Treasury Internet Banking Desktop vs Mobile

Desktop Reporting and Payment Capabilities
  • Previous and current day summary balances and detail transactions
  • Images and Statements
  • Transaction search
  • Standard, custom and special reports
  • Data export and cash position worksheet
  • ACH/wire initiation, future-dated and recurring initiation
  • ACH/wire approval
  • Internal transfer initiation and approval
  • Loan payments
  • Internal transfer future-dated and recurring initiation
  • Payment template maintenance
  • Payment template approval
  • 3rd parties, data import/export and reports
  • Check Services
  • File Services
  • Administration
  • User Preferences Management
  • Training Access
Mobile Reporting and Payment Capabilities
  • Previous and current day summary balances and detail transactions
  • ACH/wire approval
  • Internal transfer initiation and approval
  • Payment template approval
Compatible Mobile Devices
  • Tablets and smartphones running Android OS (see the app store for OS versions)
  • iPhones® and iPads® running Apple iOS (see the app store for OS versions)
Questions About TIB Mobile?

Read the TIB Mobile FAQs below or contact a Zions Bank representative by phone at 800-840-4999 (Mon. to Sat. from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. MT.).

Get Started with TIB Mobile Today

Just enroll in Treasury Internet Banking and then download the Zions Bank® Treasury Banking Mobile app. Search for Zions Bank Treasury Banking on Google Play or iTunes®. Apps are available on iTunes for iPhones and iPads.

Not a Treasury Management Customer or Enrolled in Treasury Internet Banking?

Current Zions Bank Treasury Management customers can enroll online anytime. To become a customer simply contact 866-299-3334.

Treasury Internet Banking FAQs

Treasury Internet Banking is our next generation commercial online banking platform. It provides a simple and efficient way to manage your account information, with new features and improved functionality for payment origination and reporting capabilities. 

In the coming months, we will be upgrading all user accounts to the new Treasury Internet Banking platform. This upgrade will provide you access to our latest and greatest features. Once this process is complete, Anytime Gateway will be decommissioned. 

Absolutely! Treasury Internet Banking will provide you the same functionality that you had within Anytime Gateway but with an improved user experience. We’ve also added new features that help support payment origination and reporting capabilities. 

While the TIB system will still provide the same functionality used in Anytime Gateway, Treasury Internet Banking will offer a new user interface along with a number of new/enhanced features that include:

1. Improved customizable dashboard to provide at-a-glance access to important account information.

2. Simplified Administration that makes it easier than ever to manage user privileges either individually or using group roles to control system access based on responsibilities.

3. Consolidated Account Activity Reporting that allows you to view current and prior day account details on one consolidated screen.

4. Extended historical reporting that now provides up to a full year of Prior Day history, available for viewing online or exporting for use in other applications.

You’ll get access to the Treasury Internet Banking platform soon. We’ll contact you with more information on your upgrade date as it approaches. If you have any questions related to timing, contact your banker.

Once your account is upgraded to the new Treasury Internet Banking platform, the new link for Treasury Internet Banking will be available within your Treasury Gateway portal.

No, your logon credentials will remain the same. Log in to your Treasury Gateway portal and click on the new Treasury Internet Banking link.

Any users that had access to Anytime Gateway will have access to the new Treasury Internet Banking using the same logon credentials that they used before.

Yes, up to a full year of account data will be available for viewing.

Treasury Internet Banking is compatible with most updated browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Browser capabilities by type:




Internet Explorer 11



Internet Explorer 10



Internet Explorer 9



Internet Explorer 8



Firefox 38



Chrome 43



Safari 5.1.7 (Windows)



Safari 10.9.2 (MAC)



Microsoft Edge



CERTIFIED = All pages of the product have been tested and browser was found to meet functional and visual design requirements.

SUPPORTED = Most pages of the product have been tested and browser was found to meet most functional and visual design requirements, however some visual defects may occur.

You can learn more about Treasury Internet Banking by going to our web page or by contacting the Treasury Management department at 800-726-7503.

balance reporting

A feature of the Treasury Internet Banking application, Balance and Transaction Reports give you a detailed look at your balances and transactions, ensuring you have quick, easy access to your financial data.

Balance Reporting Benefits and Features

  • Current day detail and previous day summary and detail
  • Cash position report with ledger, collected, float and transaction types
  • Paid checks
  • ACH and wire detail report or pop-up summary
  • Electronic detail (EDI) reports — details of incoming ACH transactions that include addenda
  • ACH returns and notification of change (NOC)

electronic deposits

As part of Anytime Deposits® application[cite::2150::cite], scan and electronically deposit checks online for your business. All you need is a PC with Internet connectivity and a certified scanner available from Zions Bank. You get online access to export checks images — including the front and back — in multiple formats.

Electronic Deposit Benefits and Features

  • Faster access to funds — checks clear the same or next business daywhich is significantly better than the typical 2 to 5 business-day clearing process
  • Reduce research and storage time by using stored digital images
  • Reduced exposure to fraud — identify returned items sooner and enhance the collection process with accelerated check clearing
  • Access data and image exports — including the front and back of scanned items, in multiple formats
  • Get customized data entry fields — enter detailed payment information about each deposited item
  • Eliminate driving to the bank — deposit checks online after hours and on weekends

Need more information on electronic deposits, or want some help depositing your business’s checks online? To speak to an Advisor to enroll in a new service, call 866-299-3334 or complete the form at the bottom of the page. For help with an existing service, contact our Customer Support at 800-726-7503.

business electronic statements

As part of the Treasury Internet Banking application, you'll get access to your electronic statements 24/7.

Business E-Statements Benefits and Features

  • See the front and back of your statement with statements view
  • See images of all checks
  • Access 18 months of available history
  • Store statements as PDFs on your own computer system
Let us know if you have questions or need additional information on business electronic statements, or would like to discuss other online reporting services. To speak to an Advisor to enroll in a new service, call 866-299-3334 or complete the form below. For help with an existing service, contact our Customer Support at 800-726-7503.

Account Reconciliation

Access Check Summary and Detail Information Everyday

Available as an option with Positive Pay, Account Reconciliation lets you keep your account totals accurate on a daily basis.

Early each morning, checks presented to post the previous night are intercepted at a Federal Reserve location, and totals are reported to the Zions Bank® web-based balance reporting service. You can access check summary and detail information daily starting at 9:00 a.m. CST.

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