Risk management

What Are Your Business Goals?

  • To help prevent a fraudulent check or ACH transactions from clearing your checking account?
  • To help protect company computers from malware and spyware?
  • To ease the complexity of needing dual authorization for all outgoing payments, ACH and wire transactions?
  • To get the proper insurance to help protect your business in terms of key man, property/ causality and workers compensations coverage?

Whatever your business goal, Zions Bank has a Risk Management solution to help protect your company and your employees, including the options shown below.

ACH and check positive pay

Limit risk and exposure to fraudulent checks and electronic ACH items with control over which checks and ACH items post to your account.

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a verification service that helps businesses identify and report fraudulent and unauthorized payments. Zions Bank has Positive Pay services for both checks and ACH.

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Positive Pay Features and Benefits

  • Helps stop unauthorized transactions from clearing your account with improved control and security
  • Includes protection against payee alteration
  • Gives tellers access to the most current check information available when cashing items
  • Includes checks issued file upload and ACH filter designation of authorized transactions
  • Accepts virtually any file format
  • Provides for optimum security by layering user permissions and limiting user account access
  • Enables account reconciliation and easy integration into payable systems
  • Lets you retain ownership of users and permissions within your company
  • Saves money by limiting potential losses and legal fees with timely return of unauthorized items

Need Assistance?

Learn more about Zions Bank® Treasury Management solutions for your business. To speak to an Advisor to enroll in a new service, call 866-299-3334 or complete the form. For help with an existing service, contact our Customer Support at 800-726-7503

Agreement applies. Fees may apply. See a financial representative for details.

Commercial Insurance Services

Zions Insurance Agency, Inc. and its insurance referral partner, Leavitt Group, offer professional insurance services to help protect your business against financial loss.

Zions will create customized plans to advocate for your business through a comprehensive risk management assessment.

  • Review your business operations, claims history and current insurance program to help limit exposures and increase savings
  • Give a professional presentation of your business to company underwriters
  • Offer ongoing evaluation of program to ensure accuracy and efficiency

Commercial Insurance Products Include:

  • General liability
  • Property
  • Inland marine
  • Business auto
  • Excess/umbrella
  • Workers' compensation
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability/errors & omissions
  • Cyber liability/data breach
  • International liability
  • Bonding
Important Details

Insurance services are offered through Zions Insurance Agency, Inc., a licensed affiliate of Zions Bank.  Insurance products are offered through The Leavitt Group and affiliates. Leavitt and Zions Insurance Agency are not affiliated. 

Insurance: NOT FDIC-Insured • NO Bank Guarantee • MAY Lose Value

International Banking and Foreign Exchange Risk Management

A range of international banking and foreign exchange risk management products and services for the increasing opportunities and inherent risks of transacting business worldwide.

  • International wire transfers through ZIONSFX® trading platform to quickly send or receive foreign currency payments to and from more than 40 countries
  • Hedging strategies/forward contracts help manage foreign exchange risks and opportunities associated with fluctuating currency values
  • Foreign currency account for a convenient solution if your company regularly receives and sends wire payments in the same foreign currency
  • Foreign check collection
  • Foreign drafts offer a convenient and cost-effective method for making a small payment in a foreign currency
  • Foreign currency banknotes can be purchased or sold at Zions Bank in more than 80 foreign currencies
  • Trade Financing offers a variety of vehicles to help grow your international business while helping to protect against the risks inherent in foreign markets

Learn more about International Banking and Foreign Currency Services from Zions Bank or find current exchange rates.

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Discover more resources on corporate foreign exchange outflow and other risk management solutions from Zions Bank. To speak to an Advisor to enroll in a new service, call 866-299-3334 or complete the form. For help with an existing service, contact our Customer Support at 800-726-7503.

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Zions Bank® Ownership Recordkeeping

An affordable, online solution for managing your company's ownership records.

  • Confidential, more permanent, accurate and timely record keeping of ownership
  • Ensure shares issued don’t exceed shares authorized
  • Consistent data backup and a tested disaster recovery plan for added security
  • Designed to fit your budget without sacrificing benefits
  • Online and real-time access for both company and shareholder
  • Expertise in share transfer services, pay out of disbursements/dividends, 1099 tax reporting, and assistance in providing shares to employees and initial public offering.

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Subject to contract; fees apply. Contact a financial representative for details.

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