Business Digital Banking

Get anytime, anywhere access to your Zions Bank business accounts. Zions Bank is here to help you take control of your business finances and simplify the process. 

Business Online Banking

Bank online, succeed offline.

Business Mobile Banking

Get anytime access to manage your business accounts.

Business Online Bill Pay

Pay anyone with Business Online Bill Pay. Setup is quick and simple. 

Employee Direct Deposit

Take advantage of our Direct Deposit options.

Business Online Banking

The Options You Need, the Convenience You Rely On

With a Zions Bank® Business Online Banking account you can easily access your business banking accounts online anytime. With multiple user entitlements and optional dual authorization, you can give just the right amount of access to the right employees. Bank online, succeed offline. You can enroll in Business Online Banking at your local branch or by calling Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999.

Business Online Banking Features and Benefits

Multiuser access

Grant access to as many employees as you want and control which accounts users can view and manage.

Employee Direct Deposit[cite::68::cite]

Available for $10 a month and $0.50 per transaction, transfer funds directly to employees' accounts.

Dual Authorization

An optional feature that lets you require two individuals to complete a transaction for even more control over your accounts. Review the FAQs for additional information.

Online Business Bill Pay

Pay bills, receive bills electronically, check the status of pending bills, attach relevant invoice information and schedule recurring payments.

also includes

  • Stop payments[cite::70::cite] on a check anywhere, anytime you have web access.
  • View all accounts’ including "Previous Day's Ending," "Current" and "Available" balances and transaction history.
  • Check images let you click on the check item and an image of your check is displayed, both front and back.
  • Download to account software including Intuit® Quickbooks® and Quicken.
  • eDocuments — includes eStatements, eNotices and eTax documents — let you opt out of receiving traditional paper statements and tax documents and are safer, faster, and easier to manage.
  • Business Mobile Banking makes it easy to view account balances, transfer funds, and pay bills — all from your mobile phone.
  • Easy, online travel notifications — notify Zions Bank of your travel plans online and help prevent your credit or debit card from being blocked while traveling.

Questions About Business Online Banking?

To enroll, visit your local branch, call Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999, or if you didn’t quite find what you were looking for, contact a Zions Bank representative by phone at 800-840-4999 (Mon. to Sat. from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sun. from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. MT.).

Got more burning questions about Online Banking?
Check out the frequently asked questions.

Business Mobile Banking

Smartphone Banking for Smart Business

Our Mobile Business Banking app[cite::90::cite] is easy to use, simple to download, and gives your business anytime access to manage accounts. What’s more, the app has recently been redesigned from the ground up. It now works faster and more efficiently for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones while continuing to help keep your transactions more secure. 

Business Mobile Banking Features and Benefits

We're excited[cite::6000::cite] to tell you that the Zions Bank Mobile Banking app has been redesigned from the ground up. It now works faster and more efficiently for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones [cite::520::cite]. Here's what's new:

  • Fewer taps to complete transactions.
  • Faster access to tasks using our new "+" button navigation.
  • Quicker access to help and service features via the "More" menu option.
  • Instant access to statements, notices and tax documents.
  • Faster and more powerful search function.
  • Enhanced accessibility with iOS VoiceOver, iOS Zoom, Android TalkBack and Android Magnification.
DownLoad The App

Our Mobile Banking smartphone application is fully compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Apple: iOS 8.4 and newer[cite::93::cite]
  • Android: OS 4.1 and newer[cite::93::cite]

The apps are available in the following app stores:

Important Note:


features and benefits

  • Touch ID feature[cite::3082::cite] for iPhone. View account balances, deposit checks, transfer funds, and pay bills all with the touch of your finger, rather than entering all your login credentials on your phone.
  • Passcode feature. Quickly view your balances by simply entering your encrypted 4-digit code when you just want to know your balance, but don’t want to enter all your login credentials on your phone.
  • Easily check balances, deposit checks, make transfers. See transactions and find Zions Bank branches and ATMs anytime anywhere you have phone access.
  • Mobile Check Deposit[cite::91::cite]. Deposit a check anywhere you have mobile phone access[cite::92::cite] at no charge! Just snap a picture to submit your deposit.
  • Mobile Bill Pay. Easily pay your bills, cancel payments and review activity between meetings, while traveling, or whenever and wherever you want.

Need Help?

For additional questions, please contact Zions Online Banking at 800-840-4999 or review the Mobile Banking FAQs. In order to enroll in Mobile Business Banking you need:

  • Active deposit or loan accounts
  • Zions Online Banking ID
  • Company ID
  • Challenge question answer
  • Valid US phone number

Learn about Mobile Banking for your personal accounts.

Business Online Bill Pay

Simplify your business’ finances

Available with your Zions Bank business account, and with no monthly service fee, Business Bill Pay allows you to pay all your bills online. Setup is quick and simple, and before you know it you'll be spending more time focusing on the success of your business and less time paying bills. You can enroll in Business Online Banking at your local branch or by calling Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999.

Business Online Bill Pay features and benefits

  • Enjoy faster payment processing
  • Enjoy control over when your bills are delivered
  • Pay select payees the same day (Fee may apply. Available for select payees only.)
  • Get eBills from many payees and the option to set up automatic payments
  • Send an electronic payment to anyone in the US
  • Receive an optional email confirmation each time a payment is sent

Zions gives you more available payees and more payees with electronic payment options along with an intuitive interface and easy-to-use navigation.

Pay Bills Online Today

  • If you already have Online Banking, but not Bill Pay, simply log in to your Zions Bank Online Banking account and select "Bill Pay" to get started today
  • If you don't have Online Banking or Bill Pay, visit your local branch or call Online Banking Support at 800-840-4999 to enroll.

Employee Direct Deposit

Make it Easier to Take Care of Business

Take advantage of the Direct Deposit option in Zions Bank Business Online Banking and you can save the time and hassle you spend writing checks. Pay just $10[cite::81::cite] a month and $.50 per transaction[cite::82::cite].

Direct Deposit For Employees

Set up direct deposits for employees as part of Zions Bank Business Online Banking. Direct deposits make it simple to quickly and efficiently pay employees without having to write any checks and without having to hire (or pay) a payroll company.

Direct deposit is ideal for paying up to a few dozen employees. To set up direct deposits, just:

  1. Create a template within Business Bill Pay
  2. Set up recipients
  3. Enter recipients’ preferred banks

It’s that easy to automate payroll and stop writing checks. Schedule how often to automatically make recurring deposits or make deposits individually when you want.

Enroll Today

To enroll and learn more about Direct Deposit and Tax Payments, visit your nearest Zions Bank branch location[cite::83::cite] or call Online Banking Support at 800-840-7999.

See How Easy it is to use Direct Deposit

Create a direct deposit template:

1. Under Payments, Select Templates and Create Direct Deposit Template.

2. Name your template, select which account you want to pay the direct deposit from, and enter a Total Maximum Payment Amount.

3. Next, Select Create New or Choose From List to add recipients to your template. If you've previously created recipients, you can select them from Choose From List, and avoid creating recipients more than once.

Create a direct deposit template Continued:

1. If you're creating a new recipient, choose a recipient ID (something other than Social Security number is reccomended).

2. For the Bank ID, use the recipient's 9-digit bank account routing number.

3. To finish your template, select the preview button and submit to save your template or Submit and Initiate to save your template and send your direct deposit.

Create a direct deposit:

1. Under Payments, Select ACH and Create Direct Deposit.

2. Choose an account to debit your deposit from and choose a Description and Effective Date for your deposit. You can make your debit a recurring payment by clicking Make This Payment Recurring and filling out the details.

3. Next, Select Create New or Choose From List to add recipients to your template. If you've previously created recipients, you can select them from Choose From List, and avoid creating recipients more than once.

Indicate The payment amount and add any additional information you want to capture under Addendum.

4. To finish your payment, select the Preview button, enter your password and select Submit.

About Direct Deposit Processing

Payments are debited (processed) from your account up to two business days prior to the effective date. Payments are initiated after 3:00 p.m. MT or on Saturday, Sunday, or bank holidays are processed the next business day.

Managing Recipients

Under Payments, Recipients, you can also add and update recipients for direct deposits..