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Zions Bank Spring Economic Forecast: The Great Reopening

The COVID pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to individuals, markets and economies throughout the world. In this discussion, Zions Bank’s Senior Economist Robert Spendlove and Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Rich Mebius analyze and explain what has happened and why.

Webinar: As We Move Into 2021, What Can We Expect From the Economy?

The COVID pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to individuals, markets, and economies throughout the world. Robert Spendlove, Zions Bank Senior Economist and Rich Mebius, Zions Wealth Management Portfolio Manager analyze and explain what has happened and why.

Economic Update — November 2019

Officials at the Federal Reserve have signaled a pause in interest rate cuts after lowering rates for the third time this year at their late-October meeting. Citing a strong labor market and solid economic growth, Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell, called the current interest rate stance “appropriate” given the state of the economy. 

The latest employment report showed better-than-expected job creation in October, with 128,000 jobs being added. And while the unemployment rate rose slightly from 3.5 percent to 3.6 percent, it was because more individuals entered the labor force in search of work. Economic growth also outperformed estimates for the third quarter, rising 1.9 percent.

Watch this month’s Economic Video Update with Robert Spendlove, Economic and Public Policy Officer for Zions Bank, as we discuss the recent change in Fed policy and the current state of the U.S. economy. 

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