Global Banking

Zions Bank provides foreign exchange and global trade solutions to help clients address the challenges and mitigate the risks of transacting business cross border. We have a robust global correspondent banking network and an experienced staff of global trade bankers and foreign exchange advisors to work with you.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Our foreign exchange capabilities enable you to expand your business beyond US borders and conduct transactions.

Global Trade Solutions

We speak the language of international trade. We provide access to experienced trade specialists for leveraging global opportunities.

Foreign Currency Services

We’re your reliable source for buying or selling more than 80 currencies from around the globe.

Discover the Right Global Solutions for Your Business

Let us help you uncover solutions that work best for your business.

For Foreign Exchange Solutions call 801-844-7063, or for Global Trade Solutions call 801-844-7255 or email us for more information.

Global Trade Solutions

As the global marketplace continues to grow and evolve, companies can benefit from proactively strategizing to maximize the expanding opportunities and risks associated with transacting business around the world.

Zions Bank offers a wide range of global trade services to assist our clients in meeting these challenges and mitigating the associated risks.

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Delivering Trade Solutions

At Zions Bank, we speak the language of international trade. We provide access to experienced trade specialists, smart financial solutions for leveraging global opportunities, and an organization dedicated to serving companies of all sizes. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Import/Export Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Documentary Collections
  • Credit Insured Lending
  • Discounting of Export LC's and Bankers Acceptances

Featured Offerings

EXIM Bank Working Capital

Dependable sources of working capital are the key for a company’s growth and stability. Zions Bank uses the EXIM Bank Working Capital Guarantee Program to support the export of U.S. goods and services. As one of a select few Fast Track Delegated Authority lenders in the U.S., we have over 20 years of experience delivering this unique financing solution. 

  • EXIM Bank Certified Lenders
  • Ability to commit up to $10MM per borrower under Delegated Authority and $25MM under Fast Track
  • ExIm Bank Small Business Lender of the Year (2014)

Trade Payable Finance

Trade Payable Finance (TPF) is a lending solution that is ideally tailored to companies that purchase product overseas, specifically addressing inventory challenges that can arise. As opposed to financing a moveable level of inventory, TPF focuses on a specific transaction, enabling a company to finance seasonal peaks of inventory, longer inventory turnover, work-in-process, larger orders that require special financing, or periods when a large inventory build-up is required. 

Our TPF program can also enable a borrower to take advantage of supplier discounts. It’s adaptable for domestic purchases, and it can be used in conjunction with a letter of credit or an open account purchase.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) allows the Buyer to extend its payment terms to a Supplier, freeing up working capital for the Buyer to use elsewhere. The Supplier is paid early by presenting invoices to the bank for discount. Suppliers can choose to discount some or all invoices, providing maximum flexibility. SCF is a win-win solution for both parties, providing working capital, liquidity, and stability in the financial supply chain.

Foreign Exchange Solutions

Zions Bank’s foreign exchange capabilities enable you to expand your business beyond US borders and conduct efficient and cost-effective international transactions.

Your company can realize the benefits of proactive foreign exchange management by collaborating with our knowledgeable and experienced foreign exchange professionals.

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Delivering Foreign Exchange Solutions

The Zions Bank Foreign Exchange team is dedicated to providing your business with the appropriate solutions to manage your cross-border transactions and foreign exchange risk, including:

  • Full-service FX trading desk
  • Spot FX trades in 100+ currencies
  • FX Hedging Solutions
  • Foreign Receivables


If you have cross border flows as part of your regular business, intentional management of your foreign currency exposure, benefits could be:

  • Enhanced protection against currency appreciation or depreciation
  • Preservation of international business revenues
  • Stronger negotiating power with international suppliers and customers
  • Improved accessibility to new overseas markets for business growth
  • Intentional management of FX rates
  • Broad range of risk mitigation services

Featured Offerings

eFX+ Online Trading Portal

eFX+ is Zions Bank’s innovative online foreign exchange trading portal. It provides access to real-time foreign exchange rates and enables customers to quickly and efficiently complete their company’s foreign exchange transactions. Benefits include:

  • Streaming exchange rates for Spot, Forwards, and Swaps
  • Batch deal trade entry and file upload capability
  • Flexible configuration of users, max deal size, daily approvals
  • 128-bit SSL encryption system security
  • Automated email notifications
  • Single sign-on capability with Zions Bank Treasury Gateway
  • Client administrator for user setup, password resets
  • Enhanced transaction reporting
  • Daily market commentary

Foreign Currency Services

Order and sell foreign currency banknotes in around 80 currencies at any Zions Bank branch location. Plus, buy the most popular foreign currencies immediately at select branches or online anytime. Learn how to place an online order for foreign currency.