Google Pay

Pay Your Way

Choose your Android device[cite::4077::cite], connect your Zions Bank credit and debit cards to Google Pay and use your device to make your payments. Simply unlock your phone, place it near a contactless terminal and you’re good to go. When you’re in an app, skip the need for entering all your payment details by effortlessly selecting Google Pay at checkout.

Look for one of these logos to use Google Pay at a merchant.

Keep Sensitive Information to Yourself

Google Pay generates a unique digital card number for every transaction. That way, your Zions Bank Visa card number is never shared with a merchant. Should your phone get lost you can use Android Device Manager to instantly lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password or even wipe it clean of your personal information.

Have questions? Review the Google Pay frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.

Getting started with Google Pay

  1. Look for the app on your phone. Google Pay comes preloaded on several devices. If your phone doesn’t have the app, simply download it from Google Play.
  2. Open the app and touch the plus sign + at the bottom right.
  3. Touch Add a credit or debit card.
  4. Use the camera to capture your card information or enter it manually.
  5. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  6. You may be prompted to call the Customer Care center to verify your identity.

More Benefits for AmaZing Credit Cardholders

While you use Google Pay to make purchases with your mobile device, you can also conveniently take advantage of Zions Bank AmaZing Deals®[cite::4078::cite]. The AmaZing Deals app gives you access to merchant discounts. Plus, you’ll still enjoy all the same great credit card benefits.

  • AmaZing Rewards®[cite::4079::cite], earn reward points on every purchase
  • AmaZing Cash®[cite::4080::cite], earn cash back on every purchase
  • AmaZing Rate®, enjoy our lowest credit card interest rate

need a zions bank credit card?[cite::4076::cite]

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Pay is a digital payment solution that allows you to use your compatible device to pay instead of swiping your card at the card reader. Google Pay is accepted at any US merchant that is enabled for Near Field Communication.

Google Pay is a contactless payment method that allows you to use your device to pay by hovering it near the terminal instead of swiping your plastic card. Google Pay also uses a virtual account number (called a token) that is provided to the merchant instead of your card number, making it more secure.

Visit to learn more about the difference between Google Pay and Google Wallet.

You don't have to open the Google Pay app to make a purchase with your NFC phone; just follow these steps:

  1. Wake up and unlock your phone.
  2. Hold the back of your phone against the contactless payment terminal.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the transaction.

Visa consumer and small business credit cards and debit cards can be added to Google Pay. Commercial cards and gift cards are not eligible to be added at this time.

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your compatible device.
  2. Add your credit or debit card by taking a picture or manually entering the card information.
  3. Agree to the Terms of Use.
  4. You may be asked to contact the Customer Care number on the back of your card to verify your identity before you are able to use your card.

The first card you add to Google Pay becomes your default payment card. This is the card that will be charged when you pay with your phone. The first card you added will remain your default card unless you change it.

Change your default payment card

You can change your default card two ways.

On your phone:

  1. Open the Google Pay app.
  2. If you have multiple Google Accounts in Google Pay: At the top left, touch your name, then choose an account.
  3. Double tap a card and then touch Set as default card.
  4. Or touch and drag a card to the "Default card" spot at the top of the app’s Home screen.

On the web:

  1. Sign in to
  2. On the left, click Payment methods.
  3. To the right of a card, click Set as default.

There are two ways to remove a payment card.

On your phone:

  1. Open the Google Pay app.
  2. If you have multiple Google Accounts in Google Pay: At the top left, touch your name, then choose the account you want to remove a card from.
  3. Double tap the card you want to remove.
  4. Scroll down, then touch Remove card.

On the web:

  1. Sign in to
  2. On the left, click Payment methods.
  3. To the right of the card, click Remove.

You can use Google Pay at US merchant that accept Visa credit or debit cards where you can tap to pay. 

Yes, it's a more secure way to pay because instead of providing your card information to the merchant, a virtual account number is used. This helps to prevent fraudulent use of your card number.

If you lose your device, contact the Customer Care number on the back of your card immediately. You can also use the Android Device Manager to lock your device from anywhere. For more information, visit

Yes. Zero Liability coverage applies to any fraudulent purchases made with your credit or debit card, including those made through Google Pay.

Absolutely! You’ll get all the benefits and protections that your credit or debit card provides. If you currently earn rewards on purchases, you’ll continue to earn them for purchases made with Google Pay.

Yes. Charges from your mobile carrier may apply, depending on your data plan.

After completing a payment using Google Pay, confirmation will appear in Google Pay if notifications are enabled.

Yes, your most recent card purchases are available in the Google Pay app.

To learn more, visit or call the number on the back of your card.